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 Man's Search for his Soul
Religion, not science, has carried this search, this war, through the millennia. Science has all but swallowed man with an ideology which denies the soul, a symptom of the failure of science in that search.

One cannot now play traitor to the men of God who sought, these ages past, to bring man from the darkness.

We in Scientology belong in the ranks of the seekers after truth, not in the rear guard of the makers of the atom bomb.

However, science, too, has had its role in these endeavors; and nuclear physics, whatever crime it does against man, may yet be redeemed by having been of aid in finding for man the soul of which science had all but deprived him.

No trained Scientologist can easily close his eyes to the results he achieves today or fail to see them superior to the materialistic technologies he earlier used. For we can know, with all else we know, that the human soul, freed, is the only effective therapeutic agent that we have. But our goals, no matter our miracles with bodies today, exceed physical health and better men.

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